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canstockphoto14099763Abstractions in the visual arts is about expressing general ideas or qualities of an actual person, object, action or pure digital Art.  It is about expressing ideas and emotions by using elements such as colors and lines without attempting to recreate the original image.  The basis for abstractions is to, in varying degrees, alter the reality of the subject.

This competition invites photographers and digital artists to use their own interpretations of these ideas, using any type of subject matter and using any style of photography or digital art. canstockphoto16221551      

Submission deadline: November 7, 2014

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Other Information

All photographers and digital artists retain the copyright to their images they submit.  All images placed on this site are “right click” protected.   All photographers and digital artists submitting images to EWW guarantee that these works submitted are their works and not the work of another photographer or digital artist.  An image submitted in one competition can not be entered again in any other competition.  Any photographer or digital artist whose image is selected to be placed on EWW’s site and blog, gives EWW the right to use the image for the purpose of display only, as well as, for the 1st place’s electronic media kit, promotional press releases, other promotional pieces and the EWW archives for 12 months. After the initial 12 month period, photographer(s) or digital artist(s) will have to give written permission in order for EWW to continue the archive of their images. There will be no compensation for the granting the above listed rights and EWW has no further interest in the photographers’ or digital artists’ images.  All inquiries about purchasing the work will be referred directly to the artist. The images and artist statement/bio of artists who are not selected for awards will be permanently deleted from our submissions library after announcement of results of competition.



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