Along The Water’s Edge by Tim Wolcott

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Tim Wolcott – Photographer

Water is the creator and is always moving and falling create and carving everything in its path.  Water has a way to captivate our heart and nourish our soul.

Dogwood in the Moonlight

dogwood in moonlight

The full moon rose over the mountain,
casting its light down upon the white blossoms,
Petals seem to glow with an iridescent light
for Spring’s promise, has come once again to the forest.


Ballet of Light

Ballet of Light

As the summer days pass into Autumn,
mountainsides of aspen groves become radiant;
colors change with each passing beam of light,
Autumn has once again come to the red rock country.


Among the Trees

Among the Trees

As the rain falls from the heavens;
the pine needles glisten in the light.
Colors glow along the distant shoreline.
The ancient pine stands as a monument
to the great forest that once stood.


Mono Lake

Mono Lake

In the stark western landscape,
the sun rises over the distant mountains.
The morning winter air is still and silent,
as dawn approaches the skies turn pink and orange.


Interview With Tim Wolcott



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