Communion of Saints


Solo Exhibition Statement

Drawing from a large collection of images, compiled over many years, I combine and manipulate some of them to create scenarios, fantastic and subtle narratives, that reach beyond our sense of time into the realm of the imagination.

Allegorical and dreamlike, the images in Communion of Saints are meant to elicit a personal story or memory in the viewer.  Mythological symbols, drawn from classical and religious traditions, suggest our preoccupation with vulnerability, grief, and death as well as resurrection and grace. Because they are ambiguous and many layered, the images are open to multiple, very personal interpretations. They invite a longer look and a curious mind.

Louise Williams


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Comments (5)

  • Maggie Tuteur


    GORGEOUS, and the all of them together creates a dream-field for me.


  • louis durra


    nice work, it all keeps getting better. I think this is the first theme-based series I’ve seen from you. Cheers, Louis


  • JoAnn


    amazing! great compilations with such feelings!


  • louis


    I’m back again to look at these. great stuff louise.


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