Dave Yankle, Photography & Digital Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI USA


EWW:  Dave, I am curious to know, if someone were asked to make a comment about your work as a whole, what do you think they would say?

Dave: Eclectic, somewhat unusual, but yet in the everyday, sometimes mysterious.  I actually had someone comment that they never thought they’d see beauty in rusted metal.


EWW: What would be your comments about your work, as a whole?

Dave: As I noted my work is eclectic, I look for the beauty in the everyday items, things that are there, but we don’t always see. I look to capture what everyone sees, but doesn’t notice. I try not to shoot something that every other photographer has captured; sometimes the simplest image can be the most powerful.


EWW: If I were to walk into an room which included works of yours as well as others, would I immediately know which ones were yours and why?

Dave: I’d love to say yes you would, but realistically while my images are unique, they are there for others to capture.  My work is not so specialized that no one else is doing it, but sometimes I can’t even replicate the processes in a final image.  As John Lennon sang “there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done”.


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EWW: Excluding subject matter, are there any themes that consistently run from one work to the other such as colors, perspective, lighting, movement, style, etc.?  

Dave: As I say, I like the everyday, capturing things that just occur or are specifically man- made. I’ve always loved architectural elements; I appreciate whimsy and coincidence in images.  I try to not to ever “specialize” in any type of image.  There is always the thrill of the hunt for something different. I relish getting an emotional response from a viewer of an image.


EWW: Your work seems to cover a wide variety of subject matter and styles.  If subject matter isn’t the determining factor in your work, what factors do you take into account when deciding to work with an image?

Dave: I take a large quantity of images, that’s the wonderful thing about digital imagery vs. film.  I’ll shoot 10, 12, 15 shots of something that would have been 1-2 shoots in my film days.  When I get back to the computer and start reviewing the images, that’s when I choose an image.  Sometimes it’s deliberate and I get what I saw, sometimes it’s happenstance and even accidental.  I enjoy the “artistry” part of photography. I like experimenting and sometimes just playing around.  I have files and files of rejected images. While I’m serious about my work, I don’t take myself too seriously.


EWW: Dave, I notice that you also do black/white.  How do you determine what shot or image will be black/white versus color?

Dave: My earliest training in photography was with black and white film, processing and printing, I believe in the power of a black and white image.  I look for the basic elements; high levels of contrast, deep blacks in shadow areas and strong highlights. I push the contrast of the final image even beyond what the original image was.


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EWW: Marketing these days seems to be quite a challenge to many photographers and digital artists.  What do you see as the biggest challenges for a photographer or digital artist?


Dave: I get a fair amount of critical acclaim and praise of my work from those that appreciate it.  That’s very gratifying in an artistic sense, it feeds my soul.  However, the biggest challenge is making money from the images and the work that goes into the creative process.


EWW: How are you dealing with these challenges?

Dave: I still have my day job.  I still look for other avenues to get my artwork out there.


EWW:  Do you use social media platforms to market and promote your work?  If you do, which social media platform seems to work the best for you?

Dave: As I say, I’m a little bit old school, I promote on Facebook and with my website.

I still do use gallery connections, some shows and specialty stores. I’m probably not the best at new and different social media promotions.


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EWW:  Dave, just to wrap up the interview, do you have any final thoughts about you and your work, that you think would be important for others to know about?

Dave: I shoot what I see and enjoy artistically, if others come along for the ride, that’s great, the more the merrier. To quote Picasso “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” You have to enjoy what you do. Thank you!


Website: www.davidyankle.com

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