Free For All 2017 online exhibition

We wanted to start the year out with our popular Free For All exhibition.  The first Free For All exhibition of 2017 has a theme of “Something New.”

 Photographers and digital artists were asked to submit one image of something new that they had done in the last 6 months. In addition they were asked to attach a few words about the image in terms of why it is one of their new favorites such as a new technique(s);  a new subject matter than they had begun to explore in the last six months; or just simply a new favorite of theirs that they had done in the last six months.

I would encourage you to read their comments.  I think that you will find them interesting.

Ed Wedman, Co-Founder, Exhibitions Without Walls


 CANYONLANDS_Sedona Winter_v4_final
Sedona Winter
Garth Glazier, Digital Artist

Sedona Winter is my most successful meditation on winter in this spectacular landscape. The digital illustration is based on a combination of memory and reference images I have taken in 2016. Sedona Winter is my most successful meditation on winter in this spectacular landscape. The digital illustration is based on a combination of memory and reference images I have taken in 2016.


Still life with basil and mason jars

Still Life with Basil and Mason Jars


Celeste Mookherjee, Photographer & Digital Manipulation

Typically I create photographs from things I seek out or find (often nature subjects), but more recently I’ve set myself the challenge of creating and styling my entire subject. This still life is an example, with a tea towel for a background, basil from my container garden, and mason jars from my kitchen. My best photos of this type seem to happen after I’ve rearranged subjects many times, getting new ideas with each move.






Mary Fox, Photographer

“Recently, one of the photos clubs to which I belong had a themed competition entitled “Blur.”  Since I had never done any ICM (Intentional Camera Movement), I tried my hand at it, and now, cannot seem to stop.  This image has very little manipulation to it, the colors are real (with some enhancement) and the effect was due to my moving the camera in soft arcs to get this result.   If it helps, the ISO was 500; F/13 at 0.8 seconds.”



2 kenneth crost legs2


Kenneth Crost – Smart Phone

“Legs” is one of my first Smartphone art works and was recently juried into a Smartphone show here in Denver.  There is something about Smartphone art that I find truly fascinating and now have many works sitting in my phone.  You can be sitting in a restaurant, bar, car, really anywhere and start making art. The idea of Smartphone art is starting to take off and I have happily joined in.




Janet Dwyyer Crossing_ janet dwyer


Janet Dwyer, Photographer

This is a new technique I have been working on recently with my usual botanical / organic subject matter. It involves careful use of photoshop filters – I did not want a photoshopped gimmicky look. The dark background reversed to a textured light one against which the plants and other shapes were rendered with a line drawing quality. Perhaps this adds to the other worldliness of the subject matter presented.






Paul Pinzarrone, Photoshop and digital photography

Rotunda is one of my newest favorite works. It is a decorative frame for a photograph of my world… or is it a porthole? Or is it from Mt Olympus looking down? Fractal, flame painter, amber light, photoshop and digital photography.





Union Station

Artnthebld, Photography

Ironically this photo was taken today while concluding my daughter’s first train ride. I brought my camera to the Cherry Blossom festival today. I captured some photos and fooled around with some lighting techniques. This was taken at Union Station. This is just one of many photos I was content with. This will be part of my daughter’s scrapbook and my portfolio.


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