Gene Cheltenham, Photo/Digital, Los Angeles, California USA


EWW: Eugene, What do you hope or expect people to walk away with, when they view your work?

Gene: I would hope that viewers would enjoy lingering over the images. After the first glance I’d want them to also look closely at the colors, textures and lines.


EWW: What would be your comments about your work, as a whole?

Gene: In the series that I have presented, the starting point, of course, is the photo. Using Photoshop, the image is then enhanced, sometimes overlaid with other of my images, the color is manipulated, line is added, texture, etc. Since I come from a background in art direction, illustration and graphics all of these past skills have an influence on the work that I do today.


EWW: If I were to walk into an room which included works of yours as well as others, would I immediately know which ones were yours and why?

Gene: The series that I’ve presented here is only one aspect of my work. The other approaches that I’ve taken range from traditional photography to painterly approaches to abstract images. I really enjoy exploring lots of different directons. The great joy of doing this type of creative work is that I can set my own rules.


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EWW: Are there any themes that consistently run from one work to the other such as subject matter, colors, perspective, lighting, movement, style, etc.?

Gene: I have only been doing my work for 4 years. The styles that I’ve explored over that time represent lots of directions. Hopefully, the explorations that I’ll do in the future will be even broader in scope and vision than the ones shown here and the ones that I’ve done in the past. As I stated, when doing creative work it is the artist who’s in charge, and the only limits are time and imagination.


EWW: In your opinion, what makes for a good set of marketing activities for photographers and digital artists?

Gene: Over the years I’ve worked with some extremely talented artists and photographers. Because of the increased number of people doing creative work I feel that it has gotten harder for creative individuals to stand out. Like many other photographers I enter lots of shows because the shows give me the opportunity to get feedback in the form of the judging of the exhibit. Since I haven’t been doing this work very long I’ve chosen not to market my work at this time.


EWW: I would be interested in knowing from you, what do you see as the major challenges today for photographers in terms of marketing and promotion?

Gene: There are many very successfully promoted photographers and artists working today. Visibility is always the key. Exposure is important but so is talent. It isn’t easy. It takes persistence. A creative person has two jobs, creating and promoting. Both take a lot of time and persistence.


EWW: How are you dealing with these challenges?

Gene: At this point with my work I am still exploring the possibilities of what I want to do.   I haven’t had to deal with the issues of marketing, promotion and building a career in this field. I am very fortunate that I am doing my work just for my own enjoyment.


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EWW: Do you use social media platforms to market and promote your work? If you do, which social media platform seems to work the best for you?

Gene: I’ve been published and have exhibited both online and in galleries. For me the online gallery competitions are a wonderful way of seeing my work beside the work of many other creative people. But most importantly, it has also allowed me to see thousands of pieces of great work that I’d never have the opportunity to see.


EWW: Eugene, just to wrap up the interview, do you have any final thoughts about you and your work that you think would be important for others to know about?

Gene: I’ve been in the creative field for over 50 years. The work that I do now is completely different than my previous creative output. As creative people we are blessed with a skill, talent, outlook or whatever you want to call it. That is the gift we’ve been given. It shouldn’t be wasted. Creative people should always be challenging themselves. We should never stop learning, experimenting and growing.





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