Melvin Harris, Digital Artist, Saint Albans, Vermont (USA)



Harvest_Phuong_EWWEWW: Although the times have changed in terms of viewing digital art as fine art, there are some that still believe that digital is not proper mediums in the world of fine art.  What are your thoughts on this matter?

Melvin: I disagree 100% that digital is not a legitimate medium for fine art. Having and using a computer to create images does not make one an artist anymore than having paints, canvas and an easel does. They are all tools used by creative people, i.e. artists. Images created with software require as much if not more, in some cases, ability vision and talent as images created using archaic media like oil-based pigment and dye [water color].


EWW: Considering your body of work as a whole, do you see any particular themes such as style, movement, color pallet, etc.?

Melvin: Surreal and abstract would most likely describe the majority of my work. Other terms such as vibrant, energetic and engaging have been used. Fantasy might be a sub-category for some of my work.


EWW: What is your training in digital Art?

Melvin: I have taken college courses in traditional media including Life Drawing, Acrylic Painting, Illustration, Water Color and Air Brush Photo Re-touching. My switch to digital Art was brought about mainly by necessity of my job. I am self-taught as far as the use of software and computers are concerned. I have taken many online courses from various venues such as VTC,, Digital Arts Academy, LVS Online and Arts Academy Alive to name a few. The programs I use the most and consider myself comfortable with are Apophysis, Incendia, Bryce, Daz Studio, Vue Infinite, Photoshop and Corel Painter.


EWW: What inspires you?  Do you see any themes that seem to occur from one work to another?  (i.e. style, color palette, etc.)

Melvin:  Life inspires me; my interaction with people motivates me to create. Themes or concepts from Hermetic philosophy or other spiritual pursuits often find their way into a work. At other times, thoughts “manifest” and I am inspired.


EWW: Now, for the technical side of your digital art.  What types of equipment do you use in terms of creating your digital Art?  Are there any “must have” pieces of equipment, which one has to have to be successful in this medium?

Melvin: I use a high-end computer workstation. I am a ‘power-user’, which means I have maximum memory, disk space and processor speed in my workstation. I use an Epson Professional Photo printer and Epson Fine Art Paper.


EWW: What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue the type of art you do?

Melvin: Go for it! Don’t let the “nay-sayers” discourage you from “going digital.” No matter the medium – we are only limited by our imagination. Using a computer does not de-value your ability, creativity or your efforts!!


EWW: Is there anything else you would like for people to know about you and your work?

Melvin: I create for the enjoyment it brings to others. Each work is intended to evoke the ‘wow factor’ – when someone says “Wow! How did you do that?” – then I know I have succeeded.




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