Robin Chun, Photography, South Gloucestershire, England




EWW:  Robin, I am curious to know, if someone were asked to make a comment about your work as a whole, what do you think they would say?

 Robin:  I hope they would say..”it’s different” so, they know the location or what the image is of, but viewed from an unusual angle, or a different perspective..this is what I try to achieve when looking through the viewfinder


EWW:  What would be your comments about your work, as a whole?

Robin:  Again I try to be different, try and get the composure right, fill the frame, look for the unusual or different viewpoint


EWW:  What is unique about your photography? Would I be able to immediately pick out your work in an exhibition?

Robin:  I don’t know about unique, but maybe as I’ve said previously i look for the unusual in the usual, if you get my drift


EWW:  Excluding subject matter, are there any themes that consistently run from one work to the other such as perspective or composition, lighting, movement, style, etc.?

Robin:  When shooting architecture I like to look up, picking up on previous comments, it’s a different perspective and I like to try and fill the frame

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EWW:  When do you use color and when do you use black and white? Which do you prefer to work with the most?

Robin:  At the moment Mono is what I shoot most and this is just not at the pp stage.  I have B/W in mind when I set out.


EWW:  Is there one type of subject matter that you enjoy more than others? Why?

Robin:  The best way I can answer that is I look for the unusual, that might be a building from an unusual angle or something that others might not spot


EWW:  What have you found to be the most successful marketing strategy for you and your work?

Robin:  The internet..such as my website and social media and flickr etc.

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 EWW:  Do you use social media platforms to market and promote your work? If you do, which social media platform seems to work the best for you?

Robin:  As the previous question


EWW:  Robin, just to wrap up the interview, do you have any final thoughts about you and your work, that you think would be important for others to know about?

Robin:  My background in art i.e secondary school art education gave me a grounding in being I like to think that I carry that forward in my photography..I’m being creative, or it least I hope I am..I shoot primarily for myself and I hope others will like the results also.




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