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1-Email-Exhibitions_Without_WallsExhibitions Without Walls
is an international organization
that offers Photographers and Digital Artists the chance to grow and develop professionally.

There are several sites where images are submitted and the winners are then placed in an online exhibition.  However, for the most part it ends there. We take this promotion and exposure a step further.  The top three finalist are awarded a cash award and other additional prizes as well as a online solo exhibition and promotion on social media; and the development of a press release that is sent out to trade journals, galleries and art consultants.

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Ed on tableis the other co-founder of Exhibitions Without Walls for Photographers and Digital Artists. As an artist working under the name of Arthur Jacob, his work focuses on creative fine art photography through lens techniques and digital manipulation. His work has been exhibited in solo, group and juried exhibitions in the US and Europe. Arthur Jacob’s work has received several positive reviews and awards, as well as being a featured artist on online galleries and accepted into international juried competitions. Through promotion and marketing, Arthur has developed a successful following of patrons and collectors. In addition to his creative talents, he brings to EWW a great deal of experience and knowledge regarding marketing and promotion. During his earlier professional life he was director of marketing and promotion for three large corporations and served as publisher of a small publishing house. In the past, he has also served as the chair of the marketing and promotion committee for the Contemporary Arts Collective of Las Vegas, Nevada and was on the board of directors for The Coos Bay Art Museum in Oregon until his move to the Portland area.  he now resides in Cape Coral, Florida.


ELROD.LETSGOTOINDIAis the other co-founder and is curator of Exhibitions Without Walls for Photographers and Digital Artists (EWW). As the former owner of a successful gallery in Pensacola, Florida, he exhibited and sold many pieces of photography and digital art. He brings to EWW a knowledge of successful gallery operation and an understanding of art from the collector’s perspective. He has a unique insight to the creative process of many art mediums, which has helped in the promotion and marketing of art and artists. Jim has served on the board of directors and chaired the finance committee of the Contemporary Arts Collective of Las Vegas. At present he continues to be actively involved in the arts through development of digital imaging techniques and production, as well as, pursuing proficiencies in software that enhance the work of digital artists.


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