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calmness, serenity, tranquility – Interview with John Weller

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We have known Renee Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International, for a number of years and are always amazed at the quality of works in her exhibitions.  Our most recent involvement with Manhattan Arts International was being a part of their jurors’ panel for her annual exhibition, “The Healing Power of Art.”  This year, the theme was “Inspiring the Positive”. There were several works of photography to choose from in the exhibition that was worthy of receiving our Exhibitions Without Walls Award.  However, we believed that “Moon Over Vero II” by John Weller best exemplified the theme.  John and his work are well-deserved additions to our blog interviews with other photographers and digital artists.   The Manhattan Arts International “Healing Power of ART” exhibition, featuring 62 artists, can be viewed at

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Interview with John Weller


EWW and Hurricane IRMA

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Hurricane IRMA has had much more of an impact on Exhibitions Without Walls than we had expected.  For the moment, we are still closed.  We, unfortunately, were right in the center of the path IRMA.  Because of this and the lower than expected submissions, we have decided to move the competition to a future date.  This date will be announced in future months.

The submission level could have been caused by many things but one we have been concerned about is that it’s taking a long time for Exhibitions Without Walls to get back to its previous level of operation.

Ed Wedman, Co-Founder, Exhibitions Without Walls


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