Osvaldo Buccafusca, Digital Artist, Fort Collins, Colorado, (US)

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” Advancements in Computing Technology has enabled a new way of visual expression that is known as Digital Art. Because of its use of a computer as a tool, this art form faces challenges in the traditional art landscape. Still, Digital Art is an undeniable presence within the contemporary artistic scene… ”

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“Elemental War” works created by Eric Hatch

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This small collection features the endless war between water and rock.  We can see the forces of nature in perpetual battle, but the outcome isn’t usually visible til eons have passed.  These titanic struggles evoke a variety of feelings in us, insect-lived spectators (and occasionally victims) of the war.  Capturing these eternal battles and the feelings they evoke is the inspiration for these pictures.

Tombstone Mountain pano bw 3813_1

Tombstone Mountain

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Badlands At Sundown


Interview with Eric Hatch


Alan M. Richards, Photographic Image Composites, Roslyn, New York (US)

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“I try and tell a story or comment on something which has crossed my path in life. The story is often told with some humor, sarcasm, or quirky images. I guess these images parallel my life in some way. The images look like ordinary photos but closer examination reveals some things that can not and do not ordinarily occur in the natural world. I like the element of surprise in my work and full vibrant color.”

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