Creativity – “using Difference as a tool to bring interest”

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Online Solo Exhibition by Christophe Kiciak



“I am convinced that a great deal of what “Art” is lies in doing things differently. In visual arts, looking at things from another angle, modifying the lighting, adjusting an expression, or modifying an attitude can bring life to an otherwise dull work. However, seeking difference simply for the sake of it is probably not a good way to obtain the best results. This is where “Creativity” steps in. I would personally define it as the ability to use difference as a tool to bring interest. Therefore, being creative is very important to me. Of course, I often fail at it, but I believe that pursuing that goal is the path I should follow.”


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Christophe Kiciak – Best In Competition: ANYTHING GOES II

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02_ChristopheKiciak_AnotherBrick_ANYTHING.jpgChristophe Kiciak, for his image submission “Another Brick,” has been selected to receive the BEST IN COMPETITION award for ANYTHING GOES II.  Chee Keong Lim  and Goran Jovic were selected as 2nd and 3rd Place.  All 3 top finalist received cash awards as well as other additional prizes.

This finalist exhibition is now open and will remain open for the next two months.  One hundred and nineteen photographers and digital artists made a submission to the competition, ANYTHING GOES II.  This resulted in an initial review of 557 images with 26 images of those images being selected to be placed into the final round of judging.

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Steven Friedman, Fine Art Landscape Photography, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

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steven portrait 2012

“I use both film and digital but my love is film. I like the process of working with it. Shooting the old fashion way, calculating exposure using a meter, and focusing on a ground glass back with a dark cape shading you slows you down and takes time. I get my best images when I slow down and really concentrate on what I am trying to capture.”

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Mark Fitzgerald, Photographer / Author / Teacher, Portland, Oregon (US)

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“My goal is to interpret a scene in ways that are different from how we normally see them. I lean toward very wide angle lenses and enjoy the perspective they introduce. But people most often recognize my work because of my postproduction style. I have a look that I strive for which often involves lots of processing. That look continues to morph as I explore the techniques I use.”

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