My Chimerical World by Elaine Hunter

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This work is a photographic experiment in search of the illusive world around us. In her latest exhibition, My Chimerical World, Elaine wants to take you to a wildly fanciful terrestrial paradise. Whether it is one plant, an ocean or a mountain range, it is her intention to make you wonder if the visions that she created were actually there when the photograph was taken. She works with the idea of there being many dimensions and her imagination creates some of them for us to see.


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Interview with Elaine Hunter




Kaleidoscopic – Constantly Changing Patterns

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Images created by Melvin Harris

This may bring to mind the optical toy consisting of a cylinder with mirrors and colored shapes inside that create shifting symmetrical patterns when the end is rotated. When I was a child, the kaleidoscope provided me with delight as I looked through it at an ever-changing array of patterns of color and shapes. I feel that the origin of the word “kaleidoscopic” best describes what I intend for the viewer to experience when looking at my work. In Greek “kalos” is “beautiful” and “eidos” is “form;” “scope” comes from the Greek “skopein”, “to look at.” I have chosen the following images for this exhibition because I feel each one presents its own beautiful form” or unique pattern for the viewer to look at. Through the use of bright colors and intricate shapes and patterns, each image invites us to be a child again and use our imagination to enter our own fantasy world where colors and shapes lead to a magical journey.


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Odyssey Solo Exhibition by Diana Whiley

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Odyssey: Best In Competition, YOUR CHOICE – Diana Whiley

Both an artist and writer, I started doing digital artwork a few years ago to accompany my fantasy writing. Inspired by the Old masters with the rich patina of their art, it took time for me to get the affect I wanted. It was a long process of trial and error but hopefully I’ve managed to get the colour and mood right.

In this series of images I was inspired by the days of bards and Traveling shows. They roamed lands with their magic, music and theatre; their performances eagerly awaited from season to season, from place to place. I’ve tried to convey aspects of the mystery and spectacle of that past, and what it was like between times – reflecting on what was seen. To evoke the sense of ritual and ceremony that took place; its transformative power over body and mind.

I am transformed by the creation of art and enjoy opening myself to new experiences. Other pieces of my art range from abstract, to still life but I do love a portrait.

I hope you enjoy these pieces.

Newest competition:  The FOUR ELEMENTS, 2015



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