Diana Whiley, Digital Artist, Adelaide, Australia

Di Whiley profileEWW: What digital/photographer, past or present, has been an inspiration to you and your work? Why?

Diana: I was first attracted to the digital art form in the Graphic Novels of Neil Gaiman and the various artists he collaborated with like David McKean. The narrative created between art and story was transformative and inspiring.  I love a good story and as a writer express myself in very visual terms. I spent a lot of time visiting websites to study other digital artists. I am a big fan of Vincenzo Corrado, Christophe Kiciak and Sibel Sancar.  My approach to art is inspired by the Old masters and surrealists like Dali.

EWW: Do you have any advice, in general, for someone that is just beginning to develop their talent in digital art or photography?

Diana: Don’t get locked into one method or style. Experiment.  I found studying black and white photography an excellent tool to remember light source and tone.

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EWW: I am curious to know if someone were asked to make a comment about your work as a whole, what do you think they would say?

Diana: Moody, edging on melancholy at times. Haunting but interspaced with bright colour to lift the spirit.


EWW: Excluding subject matter and reflection, are there themes that consistently run from one work to the other such as colors, perspective, lighting, movement, style, etc.?

Diana: I often begin with a dark background and add colour as a focus to the meaning in the artwork.  A lover of oil paintings I try to imbue my art with texture, strokes that indicate density and the sweep of movement.

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EWW: What comments would you make about your work as a whole?

Diana: In much of my art I am responding to music . I am transformed by its myriad forms and find correlations in nature, it sounds, movement and changing seasons. I follow music’s trajectory  through dance, theatre, and film. Which I often explore in portraits as I express inner tension and the outer influences of time and place on us.


Website:   www.dianakwhiley.weebly.com

Blog:      https://dizwhi.wordpress.com


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