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Mr. F.M. Kearney

Center of Wall Street at twilight (upshot) New York, NY

Center of Wall Street at twilight (upshot) New York, NY

 This is a concept photo of Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. I blended the photo of the buildings with the photo of the money — altered by a Photoshop filter effect to make it appear as though riches were raining down from the sky. I used another effect to add spotlights to key areas within the photo.  More of my work can be seen at  

Janice Gewirtz

George Gewirtz

I  love this one because the image was unexpected and surprising, Snapped with my i phone, this was a construction site on the High Line in nyc. 24 identical images were digitally combined to create this intricate design.

Mary Fox

Mary Fox Natural State

“Natural State” was taken for a themed competition called “Wabi Sabi”…from the Japanese definition of the beauty of imperfection.  The leaves indicate many things…the wear and tear of a life lived; the progress towards the end of this life, but the promise of the rebirth in the cycle of life.  This is one of my favorites photos.

I love texture, sharpness, angles….and elegant simplicity.   Hopefully this photo embodies some of these components.

Elaine Hunter

Cloud Reflections _ Elaine Hunter

This piece is called Cloud Reflections. I love the way the light bounces off the clouds and the light from the setting sun catches the water. The silhouetted mountains add drama to the picture. 

 I use a Nikon D7100 to take the original photograph and then take the image to my computer where I use adobe photoshop as a base for my photographic manipulation. I spend a lot of time experimenting with different techniques before being satisfied with the final artwork. I really enjoy creating these imaginary photographs that reveal the mystery and excitement of the world around us.

Robin Johnston

Robin Johnston Walkway

I took this image while on the commute to work. I like street photography that includes a particular kind of feel for light, shade and texture. Above the train station near where I work is a very long walkway, enclosed by fiberglass panels. It stretches across a motorway in Glasgow, Scotland. UK.

The way the morning light is passing through the panels, picking out details like dust and graffiti is very visually interesting for me, and the anonymous silhouette of the pedestrian lends a sense of mystery here, as well as maybe loneliness? Image was taken with a Nikon Coolpix S3600.

Pamela Root

Pamela Root Explosion In Red

This photograph titled “Explosion in Red” is one of my favorites.  This was taken before an upcoming dance recital and was a demonstration of some of the Chinese dance moves and costumes.  The dancer was on a small stage background with a horrible background full of equipment and garbage.  I was able to isolate her and capture the fluidity of her movement along with her beautiful red reflection.  No added camera lights were used, just worked with the existing fluorescent lights from the stage ceiling and a lucky shot when she jumped.

John Brooks

John Brook Water Tower 4

My favorite recent images are attached and called Water Tower 4.

This image is based on a concrete water tower in Kerala, India and which was built on a British design in the 1900’s.

My take on it is an abstract expressionist approach using multiple semi-transparent layering techniques employing several different images taken from different standpoints. The resultant image intends to convey the massive size, complexity, and volume of the structure.

Coincidently this image won the Grand Prize from the New York Center for Photographic Art in May 2016.

My work may be viewed at

Tim Leviston

Tim Leviston Before The Storm

We just moved to Houston and there have been a few storms which have caused floods and deaths.  We decided to stay at home to be on the safe side and in this shot, the light was perfect.

Dolores Kiriacon

Dolores Kiriacon_Nature's Chaos IV

Nature’s Chaos IV

For my new series of photographs I combined sea glass and black river stones with other natural elements of nature. I create my own story or vision within each work enticing the viewer to see and appreciate them in their new beauty and transformation.  Photographing these elements together made for unusual combinations of Alien Landscapes.

Kees Juffermans

kees juffermans Fr.356 1900 x 1425


My fractalimages can be looked on clothing at

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