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Guy Belair

Guy Belair_Creative nature_FREE FOR ALL2

Creative Nature

Nature is still my favorite inspiration. When bringing these two images together, the colors, the light and the energy generated by this new image provided me a great emotion on the creativity, richness, and beauty of life on earth.


Louise Williams

Louise Williams Love at First Sight

Love At First Sight

I’ve recently been working on a new body of work called The Silver Lining, which began when I was under the weather.  The images are fanciful, whimsical, and sweet.  They proved to be a perfect antidote to my illness.  I particularly like this  image, “Love at First Sight” because of the romance and playfulness it evokes. The body of the peacock was from a vintage photograph of my great grandmother, which I scanned.  The butterflies were photographed at the Stybring Arboretum in San Francisco during an exhibit.  I shot the peacock at a wildlife farm in Cajun Country Louisiana.  The goat in the coat is a cream pitcher that belonged to my husband’s grandmother.  I scanned the background from a scrapbook page collection called “Once Upon a Time”. I added the sultry sky from a photo I took of an equinox sunset. The balustrade was photographed in Golden Gate Park, also in San Francisco.  I crafted the image in PhotoShop.  More of my work may be found at



Timofey Zubarev

Timofey Zubarev THE DOSS-HOUSE 148


There are many impressions behind this photo, the whole story. The picture was taken in a small nature reserve near Kwidzyn, Poland, where my grandmother, my friend and I herded the flock of sheep and goats this June. They were supposed to play the role of wild animals and eat grass instead of deer that don’t live that close to the town.

Morning and evening, I took my camera to photograph insects boosting in flower-cups. But one day all the flowers that served as doss-houses for insects disappeared in sheep’s and goats’ stomachs. And remained only on my photographs.



Ron Colbroth

First Light

Scotland inspires me artistically as the beauty of the country offers photographic possibilities everywhere. This photograph is one of my favorites. It was shot around 5AM in the early spring as the sheep are enjoying the freedom from the long winter indoors. As the sun came over the hill, the sheep seemed to turn and bask in the first light of the new day. For me, the photograph evokes renewal – a new day, a new season and new life.



Sunny LeGrand

Sunny LeGrand Leaps and Bounds in the Sunshine

“This is a piece I call, LEAPS AND BOUNDS IN THE SUNSHINE.  It was inspired by several things — a joyous day with my animals and my kids in Brasil … ahhhhh Samba!

I love the flexibility that digital painting offers.  There is an excitement to it that frees my spirit and lets me get lost in what I’m doing.  That’s pure joy for me.

I am a diverse artist working with photography and digital painting … and more!  So, if you’re curious to see what that means, here’s my website:



Adam Zadlo

Adam Zadlo 01_Den_MetalSnares

Den. Metal snares

Inspired by the struggle between farmers and wild boars in my village.   Image about protecting our goods from the enemies.




Francis Estanislao

Francis Estanislao _Flight


I call my entry “Flight”, its my new favorite.  I made the photo last May, Its something that I have been planning of doing for years and just had the time last May to do it  with the help of a portable battery pack company who sponsored the lights and equipments. The concept at first was to make something like an under water look, take the photos and create the effects in post but as I was looking at the photo after the shoot, I realized that I liked it as it is and decided not to go with the post processing effects. The photo has more life to it being raw. 

The photo was shot with 1 light and a small softbox with a sheet of CTO above the model/subject, a smoke machine was used for the smoke effects and a lot of jumping by the model to get the shot. White balance was set to incandescent to make the surrounding/environment  blue and the sheet of CTO will keep the subject and the dress warm in color.

You can find more photos of what I do here…



Youri Chasov

Youri Chasov stardove1+1024

“Independence Day”2016,digital painting

In March and May of this year,I received 2 awards at the International Art competition in the US.

This picture is dedicated to this event…

Youri Chasov



Vasile Stan

VasileStan2016_OpinionsAndResolution_Free For All 2

“Opinions And Resolution”

I like this composition because it is representative of the current trend in my artistic path and inclination in abstract art.



Vaughn Bender

Vaughn Bender-Black-church

Black Church At Buoir

This photo I captured was a church in the  Snaefellsnes Peninsula on the West side of Iceland. When I arrived it was raining and so I waited a bit and sure enough the rain stopped and  a slight break in the clouds let some light through giving this really dramatic look as if I had used some flash photography. This photo is processed in Lightroom with no Photoshopping.

The building is referred to as  The Black church at Buðir in Iceland.   Equipment used was a Nikon D810 with 24-70mm f/2.8 Len, focal length is 24mm  Aperture f/10,  1/500s  -1.3EV  ISO 64

More of my photos and recent trip to Iceland can be found at this url


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