Free For All 2017 – 3



Scared Yet Confident

Vasile Stan, Digital

This artwork represents beautifully a new focus in the recent months on human expression and emotions in a blend between figurative art and abstract art.






American Stain

Harry Longstreet, Photographer

“American the land of plenty… too much of this”




KaterineCampbell smallwonders

Small Wonders

Katherine Campbell, Photographer

This is one of my new favorites because of the simplicity I found in it as I created it.  Way back in my early days of photography I shot only in black and white. I moved away from that. I find myself moving back to enjoying a minimalist approach to creating images.




Mysti Milwee Reflections-2017-EWW-Mysti-Milwee


Mysti Milwee, Digital Artist

This photograph “Reflections” is one my newest subject matters, creating visual interest within reflections within objects. The lighting of reflective hues captured around and inside the object with vivid colors that reminds me of dreams or dimensional images, in which my work explores new heights of what I envision, by altering the image with reflective imagery, the transformation of reflective images and seeing them in a different perspective.





Ron Colbroth Cracked_Open_EWW

Cracked Open

Ron Colbroth, Photographer

Recently I have been exploring chiaroscuro (the relationship between light and shadows) which came about in the Renaissance and is so prevalent in the paintings of DaVinci, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt. Late last year I borrowed a Leica SL to photograph quail eggs (another recent fascination). I love the contrast between the black plate and the yellow egg yolk, but also the way the uncooked egg white also formed into an interesting shape.




Tim Beckwith Crazy Crazy Sculptured 30 x30 Sculpted 4 EWWpsd

Crazy Sculpted

Timo Beckwith, Photographer

This piece was created from a photo of water and a photo of rock. Those were manipulated to make a pattern which was reformed and cut into shapes. The shapes were then shaded, shadowed and highlighted by hand in PS to give them form. All the parts are made from the original rock and water pattern.




Law Man Key West, The Keys 839 reflections at sunset low

Key West, The Keys 839 Reflections at Sunset Low

Law Man, Photography

This is one of my favorite images in the past 6 months.  I have been playing with light taken around sunset and the after sunset as well; especially with reflections in the water.   I find that the light after the actual sunset adds dramatic flair to the mood of the image.  I think this one is very successful with the added element of the mooring ropes.


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