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George Digalakis _DSC0677


George Digalakis, Photography

The title of the photo is “Musicians” and is taken in London Subway on October 2016.  This is part of my new series “Fear of the dark” with images taken during the night or in dark places.





My Own Web

My Own Web

Denis Barry, Photography

Although I normally paint abstract art, I have also been taking photos over the years.  This recent photo is definitely on my new favorites.
Elaine_Hunter_New Life

New Life

Elaine Hunter, Digital Art

I love the bright colours in this work, I am experimenting with a more abstract look and exploring the topics of movement, growth, and life. This piece is called “New Life” it has the initial connection and then grows into a beautiful new life. The beginning of life is the same for us all, miraculous.




Howard Harris Elephant Ears

Elephant Ears

Howard Harris, Photographer/Digital Enhancement

“Elephant Ears” reveals color and line that is present in the traditional photograph.  My exploration attempts to maintain a recognizable image while enhancing one’s emotional reaction, beyond a traditional photograph.  The photograph was taken in Africa while on safari in the Serengeti.  My motivation was watching the Maasi emulate/abstract animal movement through dance and gesture inspired my thoughts.  Photoshop and Lightroom helped convert my emotion and vision into this image.




Ryn Clarke_Sycamore Pod copy

Sycamore Pod

Ryn  Clarke, Photographer

Starting with a black and white photographic image on heavy watercolor paper, I use a combination of watercolor, oils, pastels, and pencils, painting in transparent layers until each layer becomes intertwined within the next. I like to focus on the delicate and tactile surfaces of these new pieces and how each image is shaped by the passage of time and the environment.




Botanical Dreams On Fire

Mary Gerakaris, Photographer

I was in a greenhouse late one afternoon without my tripod, when the optimal light had gone for handheld exposures. With lovely warm light backlighting and highlighting petals and leaves, it occurred to me that this might create some dramatic photos using a fast enough exposure for a handheld.  This began my Botanical Dreams series which I have printed both in color and black and white…. necessity was the mother of invention.




Delphine Bordas Blue sunset watercolor. 1000 pix.

Blue Dusk on Kaneohe Bay

Delphine Bordas, Photographer

I am a Black & White art photographer who likes simple and timeless styles with a passion for seaside landscapes.  In the last few months I have been experimenting with color in a monochromatic way. Using a palette of just a few colors has allowed me to keep the style simple yet eye-catching. The Hawaiian sky this evening was ideal for my foray into color.






Chia-Chi Chang, Photographer/Digital Manipulation

This is my new favorite as I captured the reflection of Luxembourg city with human-made and natural elements. After the image was captured, I have enhanced the colours and the texture so that it has a feel of watercolor painting.




Avante Foucault Pendulum1Kpx

Foucault Pendulum

Phillip Bower, Photographer

“Foucault Pendulum”—it’s much more complicated and geometric than most of my work. Despite that – or perhaps because of that – it simply draws me into the far background. My rational mind tells me it’s a fantastic kinetic sculpture hung at the base of a glass tower. The rest of me imagines it’s a portal to someplace else and I’m eager to go there.


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