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Joshua koerner_something_new-

Today I Am A Muslim Too

Joshua Koerner, Photographer

On February 19, 2017, hundreds took to the streets of Time Square for a demonstration called I Am A Muslim Too. Although this shot has not a single person in it, the image of a protest sign being passed from hand to hand encapsulates the feeling of demonstrators bound together by a single idea.




Robin Johnston WalkwayGlasgow

Walkway Glasgow

Robin Johnston, Photographer

I took this in an enclosed walkway in Glasgow, with interesting patterns and shapes in it are plastic windows. I feel it is one of the better street photographs I have taken recently and one of the few I have taken on my iPhone.   iPhones and photography apps are quite new to me so it is interesting to experiment online with this new digital medium.




Gudzovsky, O.L. Ancient Media

Gudzovsky O.L., Photographer/Digital Enhancement

Diving my models into the “ancient media” is really new for me.




Gary.Csuk_Moving On lr

Moving On

Gary Csuk, Photographer

This is the last picture I took in the house that I raised my children in for 16 years. The house was sold after my marriage of 25 years ended in divorce. I was left with the wedding dress my ex did not want, a stack of lawyers bills, and the opportunity to rebuild my life. I will not squander this second chance.




Digital Painting My Textures (Free Textures by TCP) My brushes created in Photoshop Brush Tools

Dry Spell

Terry Pellmar, Photographer/Digital Enhancement

This picture, “Dry Spell,” is part of my recent California series.  In early autumn 2016, the severe drought was taking its toll in northern California.




Jane Soodalter Mind Control

Mind Control

Jane Soodalter, Photographer

I’ve been shooting with a macro lens for a while, trying to create abstract works from everyday objects – from rusty machinery to tree bark.  I’ve been feeling lately that I need to test my eye outside of my comfort zone. I have taken a few steps back, using the same 90 mm macro, but now as a really nice slight telephoto, and looking to the “real world” to find some interesting,  provocative statements.




Michael Schwartz 4M4A3787s1


Michael Schwartz, Photography

This is a new photographic experiment for me: capturing fluidity.





Claire Marcus _EMPIRE_HIDE_AND_SEEK copy

Empire Hide and Seek

Claire B Marcus, Photographer/Mixed Media

The photograph is an excerpt from my HIDE AND SEEK series, addressing urban landmarks from surprising viewpoints. In the last six months, I have experimented with highlighting the graphics of these images by providing a mixed media context. Here, I use collograph printing, watercolor salt-resist, and ink drawing to accentuate the color and form of the image. The unusual atmospherics and play of scale make the photograph a particular favorite.




Margaret Hyde Turquoise Dandelion

Turquoise Dandelion

Margaret Hyde, Photographer

When I pick up my camera, the lens becomes my quiet eye and through it, I try to “see into the life of things.” Putting aside my point of view, I shoot those things that make me pause. I am one with my camera and whatever I am shooting — all time stops. There is no past or future. I am open to the scars and cracks—the imperfections, as well as the beauty of symmetry, shadow, and light. I treasure and study the things that most would step on or walk right I marvel at the strength and beauty of every bit that has been at the mercy of the sun and the wind. Each one taking its beatings and blown along with all the marks of the journey—more interesting with all of its simplicity. I honor the beauty of imperfection and struggle. For me, there are no castaways – just treasures. My work is a meditation on what it means to be whole and radiant, because of our struggles and imperfections—not in spite of them.


Allen Hirsh Topiared WindmillL 2

Topiared Windmill

Allen Hirsh, Digital Artist

I make art by manipulation of photographs through control of my mathematical equations in a large computer program I have created. I strive for beauty and unexpected structure. Here an old Dutch windmill has been transformed into an other worldly landscape topiary full of gorgeous but mysterious and fascinating structures far from the original object. This comports with my personal goal of advancing the power of mathematical art.


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