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James Nash new art march

New Art March

James Nash, Photographer/Digital Manipulation

This piece is one of my new favorites. As I start to explore technology through art.  As we start to get closer to AI with self-driving cars which will soon be the norm. The virtual reality which has arrived and is being integrated into parts of our lives. As the last generation to remember the time before the internet, smartphones. I’m interested in how this is going to change us socially how we will interact as human beings and what social issues this will arise.





Water games

Sigital Lapina, Photographer/Digital Manipulation

Games with water, lights and time- that I was interested in creating abstract style photographs.




Eric Hatch_DSC3637 edit-2 small

Cincinnati Water Works

Eric Hatch, Photographer/Digital Manipulation

The Cincinnati Water Works has a hundred-year history.  I used a 24mm wide-angle lens to increase the perspective and to convey the sense of mass and strength, as well as some idea of the age of this plant.  The photo is taken from more than a hundred feet below ground level, well under the bed of the Ohio River.  The old 3-stage suction pumps have been replaced with more modern centrifugal pumps, but much of the original machinery is still functional, able to provide for the water needs of 500,000 people in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.






Roslyn Rose, Digitally Manipulated Photographic Montages

I create digitally manipulated Photographic Montages incorporating scenes around my studio with images from all around the world. As I recently relocated to Rochester, NY, I have been photographing my new environment. ‘The Genesee River” is the first result of this new direction in my artwork. Two views of the river that moves through and under the city now move in and out of an abandoned European building.



Louise Parms_Midnight_Magic

Midnight Magic

Louise Parms, Digital Collage

“Midnight Magic” is part of a new series of digital collage. Inspired by a changing tableau of objects on window sills, juxtaposed against the shifting light, these images seek to draw attention to the beauty of our everyday surroundings. By layering related images, the specifics of time and place are altered and what was considered mundane or simply overlooked is elevated, presenting a new and revised notion of beauty.




Kevin Wenning20161230KW_TLYL_Olive_Tree_Fields_of_Morocco_sm

Olive Tree Fields of Morocco

Kevin Wenning, Photographer

Between photographing at sunrise and sunset there are many hours that often go underutilized during mid- day. During harsh mid-day Sunlight, I have begun practicing composing photos with geometry and contrast – looking for lines, curves, shapes, high contrast, depth, empty space, etc. Working with these compositional tools has opened a new realm of exploration with my photos whether photographing the details of architecture or a wide-open landscape.






Charlann Meluso, Photographer

I selected one of my favorite latest images, “Swirl” because it is somewhat out of the ordinary from what I regularly capture and process in my quest for unique images.  Swirl is a soft, black and white image while most photos in my portfolio are vividly colored.  It also has a gentle value scale unlike many of my more bold, high contrast images. Swirl has inspired me to create additional images in black and white.


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