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Fourth Room


Karolina Brychczyńska

Karolina Brychczynska kopia


This is one of my new favorites photo, because it was my first adventure with macro photography and I think that thanks to this we can see more details with our wonderful world, we can open eyes and our senses to the environment.


  • body: Canon EOS 650D
  • + Zenit Lens: Helios-44M-4
  • + extension tube
  • + black paper

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Hoover Areia

Hoover Areia C 2 n

C 2 n



Manss Aval

ManssAval Sincerity 500 k



It is strong, but simple.



Nikhil Nghdke

Nikhil Nghdke IMG 4105


This photo was taken in my favorite place- The Bayon Temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The sculptured heads of Avilokeshavara makes for a surreal setting in this exotic location. I was hanging around taking in the energy of the place when these little monks walked in to the frame and this made for an ideal shot, you couldn’t have asked for more. Shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and 24-105 lens and at 400 ISO at f/4, 1/100 sec and 105 zoom.


Amitava Chandra Annakut

Amitava Chandra annakut


This is one of the rituals performed towards food-security in which boiled-rice are tossed and several-thousands devotees gathered there, try to collect even a bit of the same under a hysterical ambience considering the same as a pious one by god’s grace and with a popular belief that consuming a grain or two will ensure the life-long food-security.

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Dedri Wessels

Dedri Wessdels Vienna Opera House

Vienna Opera House

The original theatre, located on the Ringstrasse, was built in 1869. The Opera House is one of the most majestic pieces of history in Vienna. And a show is a piece of art. Guests are arriving in limousines, red carpets are out, the woman in the most beautiful evening gowns. The Orchestra is flawless and the Flying Dutchman in theatre left me breathless. 

Abhiruk Lahiri



This shot was taken during my trip to Pin-Parvati Pass which is also known as Louis Dane Pass. After 3 days of trek we reached here in the afternoon. Particularly, this place is called Tunga-Bhuj. I noticed the falling sun’s rays on the mountains. In this part of Himalayas, mountains are mostly rocky and that’s what makes it resemble the famous Yosemite. Though I saw everything in colour but I imagined this frame in black and white due to its closeness with the famous shots of Ansel Adams from Yosemite. After returning I processed it in black and white and felt quite  satisfied with the output. I like the different shades of grey in the picture and this is what makes it so special to me.

Camera: Fujifilm X100s

f/8, 1/140 sec, ISO 200

Terry Pellmar

Digital Painting My Textures (Free Textures by TCP) My brushes created in Photoshop Brush Tools

Cold Afternoon At The River

After taking a color theory class, I wanted to experiment with new color combinations. With a limited palette, I found that I was able to capture the drama of the afternoon sun and the cool shadows in my digital painting “Cold Afternoon at the River.” The power of the color in this image was pivotal to how I now approach my palette.

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