“Free For All” exhibition

Photographers and digital artists were invited to submit a favorite image and a short statement about “why.”  This free submission exhibition drew many participants and those juried into this exhibition are shown below.


Andrea Chapman

“Chasing Time” is one of my favorite images because it was one of my first experimentations with combining photography, vector images and digital painting. It really opened up the possibilities of what I was able to create and has lead me to be much more adventurous in my art.

Chasing Time_Andrea Chapman_FREEALL

Chasing Time



Alan Richards

“Reflection” was a turning point for my artwork and therefore I felt it is my favorite image. It combined  my photography with digital drawing and manipulation in a simplistic way that I had not done before. The backgrounds are monochromatic against the multifaceted digital image of the woman, house, boat, and the reflection on the water. I liked the way it all came together and the serenity of the image.






Carol Vanselow

Photography: It’s about light,… it’s about shadow,… and it’s about the poetry that happens between the two.


Abstract image of plain brown paper bag.

Abstract image of plain brown paper bag.



Celeste Mookherjee

I’m fascinated with the jellyfish at my local aquarium and love the challenge of photographing them. I captured this North Pacific sea nettle when tank lighting turned floating food particles into stars in a black sky.




Underwater World of Stars



Dan McCormack

My favorite image is Caitlin posing nude at a quarry in Accord, NY in April, 2015. She brings life to a dreary place.


Caitlin_F_4-26-15--02AC_Dan McCormack_FREEALL




Dolores Kiriacon

This is one of my favorite photographs because it is now hanging in the Careggi Hospital in Florence, Italy as part of the Healing Photo Art/Art in Hospitals where I am one of 150 photographers with their Contributing Photographers Program who have donated a photograph to this worthy Foundation.


Shellscapes I_Dolores Kiriacon_FREEALL

Shellscapes 1



Eugene Cheltenham


This piece works because it is composed of only simple curved, circular and rectangular shapes. They are dramatically contrasted by the vivid color and gritty textures. The original photo is an almost totally black and white shot of heavy equipment at an old lumber mill in Northern California.



Rolling On



Jane Soodalter

“Blue Lava” is my favorite piece because I was able to capture exactly what I wanted (peeling paint on a dump truck,) how I wanted (really close up) AND transform it into a totally new creation. This was no easy feat, what with the limited depth of field inherent in a macro lens, a piece of rust high up on the side of the truck and a tripod resting on top of old tires!



Blue Lava



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