IMPRESSIONS Finalist Exhibition

May 17,2014 thru July 17, 2014

Online Juried Competition and Exhibition

The theme for this competition asked photographers and digital artists to make a submission based on  their work in gathering the  everyday impressions from nature, landscapes, urban settings, architecture and people around us.  

Eighty two photographers and digital artists made a submission to this competition, IMPRESSIONS.  This resulted in an initial review of 440 images with 26 images being selected to be placed into the final round of judging.  This exhibition is the result of the competition which includes Best In Competition, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Awards of Excellence and all others in the final round of judging. You are invited to make a comment about this exhibition at the bottom of this page.


Best In Competition 

2nd Place


3rd Place


Awards of Excellence


All others in final round of judging



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