KALEI DOSCOPIC by Melvin Harris

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KALEI DOSCOPIC- (a constantly changing pattern or sequence)


This may bring to mind the optical toy consisting of a cylinder with mirrors and colored shapes inside that create shifting symmetrical patterns when the end is rotated. When I was a child, the kaleidoscope provided me with delight as I looked through it at an ever-changing array of patterns of color and shapes. I feel that the origin of the word “kaleidoscopic” best describes what I intend for the viewer to experience when looking at my work. In Greek “kalos” is “beautiful” and “eidos” is “form;” “scope” comes from the Greek “skopein”, “to look at.” I have chosen the following images for this exhibition because I feel each one presents its own beautiful form” or unique pattern for the viewer to look at. Through the use of bright colors and intricate shapes and patterns, each image invites us to be a child again and use our imagination to enter our own fantasy world where colors and shapes lead to a magical journey.



Interview With Melvin Harris



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  • Frances Mercer


    These are quite wonderful. I’d like to see more of them. And yes I remember what a delight it was to use those cardboard and plastic kaleidoscopes as a child: the colors, light and prisms were mesmerizing.


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