Solo “Light” by Christine Cook

In the art of photography, natural light is an immensely variable and fascinating performer. I look for light as it plays upon my subjects, examining the way it falls on the curves of flowers or people’s faces. I search for its variations in the angles of walkways and buildings. And I try to capture its play in the elements of water and fire.

When creating a digital composition, I strive to simulate the effects that different lighting schemes produce. When processing an image and enhancing it, I make the most of the light that is present with the tools in Camera Raw, Photoshop, Topaz and Alien Skin. To me, it is the most important aspect of the image. I work with all types and qualities of light, directional light, back light, dappled light, shadows, blue and gold light, and lights and darks in monochrome pieces. A second theme that is closely related to light is texture. Texture and light have a symbiotic relationship. By texture, I mean all the extremes and everything in between including rough and soft, wavy and stringy, bumpy and soft, etc. Light highlights texture in an image and texture enhances light showing it off to its full advantage.

I selected a variety of subjects to demonstrate how light works to enhance the piece. I challenge you to find and express the light in your own art.





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