Max Foster, Photography, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA


MaxFosterEWW:  Max, what photographer or artist, past or present, has been an inspiration to you and your work?  Why

Max: I have always been drawn to world travel and exploration. I highly respect the photographers that are willing to explore areas that are difficult to get to and those that take risks creatively to achieve their vision. With that in mind, Marc Adamus, Max Rive, and Daniel Kordan inspire me greatly. These individuals are true explorers and are at the forefront of landscape photography today.


EWW: Excluding subject matter, what are the themes, in terms of style, that consistently run from one work to the other such as colors, perspective, lighting, movement, style, etc.?

Max:  I am typically drawn to bold colors and often shoot at sunset/sunrise/twilight. If the sun is above the horizon, I will try to incorporate it into the scene, or use it for front/side lighting. This can create strong contrast and warm colors. Oftentimes if the sky is clear at sunset or before sunrise, I will shoot twilight. The soft light, cool hues and possibility of stars and moonlight make this a great time to shoot. I believe you can make compelling images in any light, you just need to know what to look for. I think my portfolio reflects that.


EWW: I went to your website and noticed that you work in both color and black and white.  How or when do you choose to work in black and white versus color?

Max:  I connect more with color imagery than I do black & white, but with the right light and contrast in a scene, black & white can be very compelling. Typically, I will process in black & white if the scene is too busy and I need to focus the viewer’s attention. Black & white allows you to shape the light and contrast in a way that may not be possible in color. Additionally, if a scene doesn’t have a harmonious color palette, it may work well in black & white.

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EWW: Your work features several galleries.  Do you have one gallery that inspires you, more than others?  Why?

Max: I enjoy traveling and seeing new places around the world, but I have always loved Italy. My Italian gallery immediately reminds me of the wonderful culture, history, food and people in Italy. It was actually a trip to Italy that jump started my photography career. I returned home from my first trip to Italy and was sorely disappointed that my photos were so terrible! I vowed to learn the craft and I did my best to redeem myself on subsequent trips to Italy!


EWW:  What comments would others make about your work, in general?  What would others say about your work?

Max: I think most people would agree that my photos are clearly composed and tastefully edited. I like to keep things true to the scene and produce refined images. I think people would also say that I balance the artistic and technical side of photography to achieve my personal style.

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EWW:  From what I can gather, you do use social media platforms.  Which social media platform do you find to be the most successful for you?

Max: I do use social media to promote my photography. I use Facebook, Instagram and 500px. I find that the number of followers does not necessarily mean much when it comes to selling your work. For me personally, I value these sites for connecting me with other photographers around the world. I have had the privilege of meeting several amazing photographers over the years through social media. I also sell prints on Etsy, which has social media aspects to it. This has proven to be a very effective site for me.


EWW:  Just to wrap up this interview.  Do you have any final thoughts about you and your work, which you think would be important for others to know about?

Max: I love exploring, traveling to new places and old favorites, and creating memorable experiences. This is why I shoot, and I think it is important to stay true to that. It can be tempting to always be chasing “the shot,” but it is more rewarding to simply enjoy the experience, no matter the conditions.






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