Roberto Pestarino, Photographer, Gavazzana – Province of Alessandria Italy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEWW:  Roberto, we would be interested in knowing what serves as inspiration for your work?

Roberto: What inspires me … it is difficult to define.  If it was a wine I would say the bouquet. I look at something though I’m in the car and meanwhile I think about the meaning of what I saw.  I wonder what she wants and can say, then I look good.  A leaf becomes a highway, a road sign is a solution to a lifestyle, a shop’s dummy becomes a window on our mind…For road signs inspired me the artist Clet who lives in Florence


EWW: Besides the different Gallery Themes, are there any other elements in your work that consistently occur such as style, color, perspective, lighting movement, etc.?

Roberto:  I have never been able to shoot by following rules like those of third parties or similar things.  In many of my photos, the subject seems to fall from the photo or appears as an element that disturbs another set

The thing I love is to use the color zone that falls into a histogram in the middle of the right area between the dark black zone and the half of the histogram, where the colors are loaded, dense, but not underexposed


EWW:  One of your galleries is of black and white images.  How do you make a decision whether to use color or shoot in Black and White?

Roberto: Years I have abandoned black and white, I think when a color photo feels good, it’s another result. The lines and structure of black and white are measurable and charming, but defining a color, a nuance is a topic of old discussion like the world, because the flavor is different for each of us. Here’s the color is to use the emotions.



Emergency Exit


EWW: What comments would others make about your work?  Is that consistent with what you would say about your work?

Roberto:   Some of my projects have been seen by many audiences and also by critics and art gallery managers, I can say that I find my original work and content surprises in general. Like the project of the dummies, also because it counts over 60 photos of trivial subjects, under the eyes of all, but few photographed. The project: Living under a tyrannical government and living in freedom is a book. The project reflected in the palaces will be exposed shortly. For my still life, everyone agrees to say that the use of lights is not perfect, but is balanced by the challenging content and the difficulty in making the photographed scenes


EWW:  Your portfolio includes many galleries.  Is there one gallery in particularly you like to work with?  Why?

Roberto: My selfie, same light same wall but different messages, I’m continuing with still life, I started photographing bubbles of soap, now I have realized the seven sins of capitalism, that is, I tried to show how much money can corrupt the minds. 5 things that do not fly … eg the barriers between people and the numbers understood as in the book the little prince of Saint-Exupér. 5 things flying like Fibonacci numbers or the children’s dreams.

I also work on a project on women who have suffered violence. In the future, I will quote Bruegel senior, with the painting of 81 Flemish proverbs I will make 31 reasons to live, using 31 historical phrases, so: 31 photos.



I Found My Soul

EWW: Do you use social media platforms to generate exposure and the marketing of your work?  If yes, which social media platform(s) do you find to be the most successful for you?

Roberto:   I prefer not to use much social media, publicize my photos on facebook, but to propose my work too socially seems like I want to push people to look at it and I do not love it


EWW:  Just to wrap up this interview.  Do you have any final thoughts about you and your work, which you think would be important for others to know about?

Roberto:  I think it’s great to photograph flowers, landscapes, and places that the world has its beauty, but the real picture in my mind is to communicate in social, to denounce evil and to exalt the good, in the end, I think that in our world are more good and beautiful things than bad ones.



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