Solo – Flowers In The Abstract

“Sometimes I am interested in creating a theme or a subject and will do some pre-planning for style and media, but often I look to the point, line, plane, and unrehearsed stoke to carry a feeling from me to the media.  I feel that too much planning can make a piece repetitive, predictable, and boring.   I like reveling in the mistake, and pushing myself to do the unrehearsed.

This group of images that I call “Flowers in the Abstract” were not planned.  They did not occur one after another.  They came about as a combination of my mood, a collection of strokes, and the colors that created the feeling within me.  I did not set out to make an image of a flower, but that became the impression in my mind as the image was developed.  The titles are not always from the world and nature that we know, but who is to say that in this vast universe of other possible organisms that they are not truly an abstract image of what is real?”

Denis Barry

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