STRENGTH solo Exhibition – Paula Rucket


Exhibition Statement

I am a self-taught photographer and feel at home producing either straight out of the camera or digitally enhanced photography. As a result of the digital world, my camera is an important part of the circle of digitized creativity giving me a wide range of innovative elements to create images that tell a story.  I use any subject and use photographic treatments that give emphasis to tone, shades, texture, and shapes.

For this exhibition I have chosen a variety of photographs that have the common theme of “STRENGTH”.  Strength can be demonstrated visually in many ways including substance, color, idea, intensity of light, or form.  In turn strength in composition or other elements can be defined as a state of mind and may be different for each person; the content of an image can suggest a feeling of strength and the use of a color or bold shape can enhance the same reaction. The images in this gallery reproduce the emotion of strength from a blend of many different artistic approaches.



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