kathy dee solo

 The moods of windows and doorways.

Are we inside looking out or outside looking in?

Are we standing in front of an open door, or is it closed or maybe even locked? What is behind those doorways and would we or should we walk through them?  Life is full of choices and doorways and windows are symbols of those opportunities that we experience every day.  Sometimes going through a particular doorway can change our life.  One of my favorite pictures is of an open door in a dark room with warm sunshine pouring through. I love this because it symbolizes hope; light is coming into the darkness.  It was actually that picture’s inspiration that I drew on in order to change my own life. In November 2015, I left California to move to Washington State.  I reconnected with my boyfriend from College. I decided to follow my heart and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I hope my photographs can inspire others to take positive steps to better their own lives and to take risks. You only live once, as they say.



Kathy.Dee.Door and Windows.10


Kathy.Dee.Doors and Windows.2


Kathy.Dee.Doors and Windows.3


Kathy.Dee.Doors and Windows.4


Kathy.Dee.Doors and Windows.5


Kathy.Dee.Doors and Windows.6


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